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Maintaining brand integrity
It’s imperative to have a full working knowledge of the visual representation of your brand. Never do something just because it looks pretty. Rather all design elements are considered and work towards building a sound visual representation of what your brand communication is.

Communicating the chosen concept across all mediums successfully

Our goal is to create a solid overall campaign that stands as a whole. As agencies and clients, we often forget that our target markets do not always see the campaign in its entirety, and may only see a couple of items over a period of time. We therefore endeavour to maintain the visual recognition of each part of the campaign, ensuring that in the end we own presence of mind in the target market. Creativity can only be deemed successful when it results in product sales and growth in the market.

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Our clients


The LePetta Touch

Using graphic design as a practical marketing tool, we will help you to differentiate your company and its brand from your competitors, while contributing to effective sales and marketing.
Exceptional quality designs, superb and relevant, creative, strong and effective copy, well-thought-out creative campaigns, coupled with attentive and personalised service – all at exceptionally competitive rates.
LePetta will oversee every part of the creative process from inception to completion, including obtaining all cost estimates, and checking jobs at the printers. This ensures a tight check on cost-effectiveness
and quality of work.

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