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Our Services Include

Concept and strategy // Medical copy, medical strategic input and referencing // Design Corporate identity creation // Packaging design // Sales promotions
    Point-of-sale material // Packaging design // Exhibition stands // Multimedia
Web design // Branded gifts // Event management // Media planning and buying
    Print // Packaging and distribution // TVC 
// Digital and Social Media Campaigns
Webinars  // CPD programmes and platforms

The LePetta Difference:

LePetta has a passion for pharmaceutical advertising, and as such, our business model is tailored specifically to healthcare clients. We are zealous in our approach to meeting and exceeding client requirements, and ensure that each and every campaign is successfully completed on time and within budget.

Marketing Knowledge

When developing new campaigns for our clients, we take the following into consideration:

  • Who is the medical target market?

  • Who is the consumer target market?

  • Scheduling status of the brand

  • IMS data

  • Tone of communication (Specialists, GPs, Pharmacists or Pharmacy Assistants)

  • Science vs. branding. Some brands need to be supported by the scientific evidence and others need to be backed by branding. This weighting is important in the entire communication, creative and campaign roll-out process

  • Company compliance regulations, Code of Marketing Practice, and South African regulatory framework

  • Competitor analysis 

  • Campaign objectives and strategy – what do you want the campaign to achieve?

  • Brand strategy includes developing a brand blueprint for the brand. A journey of how the target market perceives the brand to how we want the target market to perceive the brand

  • Brand positioning

  • Communication strategy includes developing a core message for the brand (Big Idea). This translates into the message theme, differentiator (key messages for the brand) and the key visual for the brand. This is then rolled out into a channel strategy to decide what elements we suggest to connect with our target market at the right time and place and all the touch points involved with connecting the brand to the target market

  • We stay abreast with our existing clients’ brands and markets by attending advisory board meetings, Doctor meetings, brand-team meetings, cycle meetings, going in-field with reps and continuously keeping up to date with medical publications and clinical trials

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